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Renters Insurance In Virginia

Renting a home or apartment is a viable option for young couples and people who are not yet ready to buy. If you’ve chosen to rent a home in Virginia, don’t forget to protect your goods with renter’s insurance. Your landlord’s insurance protects his property, not your possessions. If a fire breaks out in your rental home or it’s hit by a tornado, you could lose all that you own. Renter’s coverage from Mahfuz Insurance Agency is specifically designed to protect your interests in the event of a disaster. Here’s what to expect from a renter’s policy.

Protection of Personal Possessions

Property coverage compensates you for damage or loss to your personal items. This includes your clothes, kitchen appliances, furniture, electronics, sports gear, and more. When selecting a policy, make sure it covers perils that pose a risk to your valuables such as fire, theft, vandalism, rainstorms, windstorms, and other disasters. That way you’re sure to be compensated for your loss.

Protection against Liability Claims

Liability issues may arise when people suffer accidental injuries on your rental property. If you’re found negligent for the accident, you could be held responsible for their medical costs. You could even be sued for damages.

Liability insurance covers medical expenses of accidental injuries and protects you against a lawsuit. Liability protects you against such common accidents as slip and falls, dog bites, kitchen mishaps, sports play in your yard, accidental food poisoning, and other mishaps that can happen in a home.

Extra Living Expenses Protection

If a disaster hits your rental home in Virginia and you have to vacate the premises while repairs are done, you may need financial help paying for the extra cost of hotel bills, dining out, transportation, etc. Extra living expenses coverage helps compensate you for these costs.

Renters insurance is practical and affordable, making it a valuable investment for Virginia renters. To learn more about coverage options and costs, call or visit us at Mahfuz Insurance Agency.

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