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Umbrella Insurance In Virginia

Umbrella insurance is generally defined as a type of personal liability insurance policy that covers the policyholder when a claim is in excess of what typical insurance policies for automobiles or homes will pay. These policies cover not just the policyholder, but other members of the household or family as well. Umbrella insurance enhances a typical insurance policy by providing additional liability coverage against judgments in lawsuits that exceed the protection of your primary auto, homeowner, or renters’ insurance. For example, umbrella policies usually cover libel, slander, false arrest, and invasion of privacy. Incidents, where you file a claim on these policies, do not have to involve your actual property or vehicle. You are also covered worldwide by an umbrella policy. For people who travel widely, this is an excellent insurance policy to purchase. In Virginia, you may want to contact an agent at Mahfuz Insurance Agency about umbrella coverage if any of the following apply to your household or lifestyle:

  • The household includes a teenage driver.
  • You own a dog of any breed, not just those considered dangerous.
  • The children in the household have a trampoline.
  • There is above ground or in-ground swimming pool.
  • You own rental property or properties.
  • You employ household staff or have a landscaping service for your yard
  • You have a hot tub.
  • You host large gatherings or parties on your property.

Typically to be eligible for an umbrella policy your insurance company may require you to purchase and maintain specific minimum underlying liability limits on your original home or auto insurance. Not all insurance companies offer this kind of policy. Contact Mahfuz Insurance Agency to start your search for an umbrella policy. Anyone in need of extra coverage to pay expenses the usual policy will not pay should ask about an umbrella policy.

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